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This page lists Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Swagger and is meant to answer questions for users who have already purchased Swagger. We will continue to add to this FAQ as we find helpful tips for using Swagger.


How do I create review types and write reviews?

Check out this screencast:

I created my review types but they’re not showing up in my admin panel.

Make sure in the Review Options page that you check the box to enable the review type. This setting is disabled by default.

On a taxonomy listing page, the page completely stops loading after the category menu.

This is because you have attempted to view a taxonomy that doesn’t contain any reviews. Add a new review and assign it the taxonomy you are trying to access and the page will begin displaying correctly.

There are a bunch of widgets at the bottom of my front page that are supposed to be in the sidebar.

Depending on whether you are installing Swagger on a brand new WordPress installation or just changing themes on an existing install, your widgets that used to be in the sidebar might get thrown into the Frontpage Main widget panel. Go to Appearance >> Widgets and move the widgets from the Frontpage Main widget panel into the Frontpage Sidebar widget panel.

How do I import the demo xml file?

First you need to create the 5 review types from the demo in your Review Options page: Restaurant, Movie, Music, Product, Fashion. Then for each review type you need to specify the Taxonomies from the demo for each review type, which are:


  • Cuisine
  • City
  • Cost


  • Type
  • Brand
  • Retailer


  • Type
  • Designer
  • Origin
  • Material


  • Genre
  • Director
  • MPAA Rating
  • Actor


  • Genre
  • Artist
  • Label

Then you can import the xml demo file and the reviews should get created correctly.

My Featured slider layout is broken, and images are displaying incorrectly.

Images must be at least 400px tall by 550px wide when originally uploaded or else the next image will try to float next to it and it will break the style of the slider.